Product Overview


Game using your favorite Bluetooth headphones. Sound Bridge™ converts any Bluetooth® earbuds and headphones audio to Switch™, PlayStation®, PC, Mac and Android™ TV Box. Compatible with headphone models from Bose®, Beats®, JBL®, Apple® and more. Use your own Bluetooth headphones for online chat (compatible game required) with high-quality dynamic game audio.


  • Plug and play. No drivers required.
  • Fully compatible with MIC for online voice chat.
  • LED indicator shows pairing/connection status.
  • Uses standard Bluetooth® SBC codec for a high-quality audio signal.
  • Included USB-A to USB-C adapter cable for use of Sound Bridge with USB-C devices.


**Not Compatible with Xbox gaming consoles.

**In-game voice chat requires games with voice capability.

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