Charge Station for Nintendo Switch™

Product Overview


Conveniently charge and store up to four Joy-Con™ controllers with Nyko's Charge Station for Nintendo Switch™. The Charge Station is equipped with a rail system to allow the Joy-Con controllers to easily slide into place for recharging. Its small design enables it to easily fit into most entertainment centers. An LED charge indicator keeps you informed on the charging status of the Joy-Con controllers. Charge Station is powered via the included Micro-USB cable and can be plugged into any USB port.


  • Charge and store up to four Joy-Con controllers
  • Compact form-factor is ideal for most entertainment centers
  • Metal rail design ensures each Joy-Con slides into place
  • Includes Micro-USB cable


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


    • Charge and StoreDock and recharge up to four Joy-Con™ controllers
    • USB ChargingIncludes detachable Micro-USB cable
    • Compact Form-FactorSmall size is ideal for fitting into most entertainment centers
    • Slide and ChargeMetal rail design ensures each Joy-Con™ slides into place

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    Charge Station for Nintendo Switch™ Support FAQ

    1. 1. The controller is not charging.

      Make sure no debris is inside the metal rail on the Charge Station. Make sure you have the controller completely seated in the metal rail. There should be a noticeable “click” sound when the controller is fully seated. Double check that the Nyko logos are lit up, if they are not, the USB port you are using may not be powered.

    2. 2. Do I need to remove the controllers when they are finished charging?

      No, the Charge Station will automatically stop charging when the battery is full.

    3. 3. When I inserted my controller, no LED indication light turned on.

      If the controller was completely drained of its battery, it may take a few minutes for the charging indicator light to turn on. If it does not turn on after 5 minutes, please follow the suggestions from the first question stated above, or contact customer support here.