Charge Link for Nintendo Switch™

Product Overview


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Easily recharge the Nintendo Switch™ console while you play. Charge Link allows you to charge the Nintendo Switch while it is outside the dock by plugging it into a USB port. The extra long 8 foot cord gives you plenty of room to sit back and play from a comfortable distance. Charge Link allows other Type-C™ compatible devices to be charged. USB 2.0 data transfer is supported.


*Charge Link can output a maximum of 5V 2A while using the Nintendo Switch Console. This will result in a slower charge rate than the official Switch AC adapter.


  • Charge the Nintendo Switch by plugging Charge Link into a USB port
  • Extra-long cord give you up to 8 feet of playing room
  • Charge other Type-C compatible devices
  • USB 2.0 data transfer supported
  • NOTE: Not compatible with the official Switch dock


  • Easy ChargeEasily charge the Nintendo Switch™ by plugging Charge Link into a USB port
  • 8 Ft CableExtra-long cord plugs into the USB port for recharging of the battery pack while giving you more room
  • USB Type-C™USB Type-C provides recharging - USB 2.0 data transfer supported
  • UniversalCharge other Type-C compatible devices

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