SHIELD Link for Nvidia® SHIELD™

Product Overview

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With innovative Nyko accessories, you can bring your favorite Android™ or streaming PC games to the big screen. The SHIELD Link plugs in to the Mini HDMI® port of the Nvidia® SHIELD™ and allows you to mirror the screen onto any HDMI® enabled TV or monitor in full 1080p resolution. The HDMI® interface allows for full surround sound support, while the 6 foot length allows for easy gaming while plugged into your TV. Use the SHIELD Link along with Nyko’s Cygnus Controller for Android™ for a console-like experience with your Nvidia® SHIELD™.

  • A to C HDMI® cable (Mini to Full-sized HDMI®)
  • Mirrors the SHIELD™ display onto your TV
  • Supports full 1080p resolution
  • Works with any HDMI® enabled TV or monitor
  • 6 foot cable for easy installation
  • Compatible with SHIELD’s console mode and PC streaming


  • Mini HDMI®Mini to full sized HDMI® cable outputs the video signal of the SHIELD™ to the big screen.
  • SHIELD™ to TVEasily output streaming games from PC or inherent SHIELD™ content to any HDMI® compatible TV
  • 1080PSupports full 1080p resolution

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SHIELD Link for Nvidia® SHIELD™ Support FAQ

  1. 1. Can I use the SHIELD Link on other devices the support Mini HDMI®?

    Yes, the SHIELD Link will work with other devices that use Mini HDMI®.