November 22, 2017

Thin Case for Nintendo Switch™ - In-Depth Installation

Hi everyone,


We have received questions about the installation process of Thin Case and would like would to do a walk through on how to attach the case to your console. The case is thin in design and allows it to stay attached to the Switch without needing to remove it when docking the console.


To start off, put the bottom piece of the case on a flat surface, this piece will have the Nyko logo on the back of it. Take the Switch with the Joy-Con™ controllers removed and place it in the bottom piece.  Place the top piece of the case on top of the Switch and begin clipping both pieces together starting on the top.


Make sure that every clip snaps together. You will hear an audible click once a clip has connected.

After all the clips are connected, run your thumbs along the top and bottom of the case to ensure that none of them are misaligned or are over lapping. It should be a flat surface. If the clips are not completely attached, it may cause an issue when attempting to connect with the port on the dock. If this happens, try removing the case and reattaching it.


Next, take the left Joy Con and insert it trigger first into the blue cover. Move the analog stick so it goes inside the circular opening and continue sliding the cover on until the buttons and analog stick line up with the openings. Repeat this process for the right Joy-Con.



Take your console and place it in the dock. The green light on the dock should come on indicating the console is docked and a signal is going to a TV. If the light does not come on, please ensure the clips on the bottom are fully connected.

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