June 02, 2021

Nyko Gaming Headsets - Changing the Game with new designs

Nyko releases 12 new gaming headsets across all platforms and brings their A-game. The new 4500 Series headsets feature a groundbreaking new ear cushion shaped designed to eliminate ear fatigue.

Ear fatigue is the painful feeling you get after wearing a headset for too long. This is caused by ear cushions pressing on your ears for longer periods of time. The 4500 Series Headsets feature a new slanted ear cushion design that fits your ears better than the average oval shape.

Nyko also brings in 5 new lightweight gaming headsets: the 2600 series, NU-3500, and Standard Issue Headset. These all feature in-line audio control and are designed to feel good on your head for longer periods of times. 

Finally, the Combat Headset is a heavier headset designed to make you feel "geared up" while providing quality sound and audio

Check them out today: https://nyko.com/collections/gaming-headsets 

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