June 16, 2015

E3 2015: Nyko Unveils Its New Lineup of Game Console Accessories

Nyko to Showcase Memory and Customization Products for Xbox® One and PlayStation® 4 at E3 2015 Booth #5010

LOS ANGELES – June 16, 2015 – Leading console accessories manufacturer Nyko Technologies today announced the first details of its new product lineup to be revealed at the 2015 E3 Conference in Los Angeles. The company will showcase a mix of existing and new solutions that address storage, power, and customization needs for console gamers, detailed below. Conference attendees interested in a hands-on demoof the products may head over to exhibition booth #5010. Members of the press who would like to schedule a personal demo may submit their request by emailingnyko@triplepointpr.com.

“The Data Bank and Type Pad for PlayStation 4 received an overwhelmingly positive response when they were first revealed at CES, and we’re looking to make an even bigger splash at E3 with the rest of our 2015 lineup,” said Chris Arbogast, director of marketing at Nyko Technologies. “You can expect to see Nyko going strong with the categories that we’re most well-known for, including charging and cooling, as well as turning to address opportunities in digital game storage.”

Data Bank for Xbox One

The Data Bank is a hard drive expansion dock for Xbox One that enables users to install an additional 3.5” external hard drive, as added storage on top of the existing 2.5” internal drive currently inside the console. This solution enables larger storage capacity and the lower prices associated with 3.5” drives, all while seamlessly matching the sleek aesthetics of the Xbox One. Once the Data Bank has been installed, a built-in LED strip illuminates while the console is accessing its memory. The Data Bank is a cornerstone of Nyko’s commitment to expanding the core functionality of already exemplary video game hardware, and is anticipated to ship in late 2015 for an MSRP of $39.99. Patent Pending.

Type Pad for Xbox One

The Type Pad for Xbox One is a full QWERTY keyboard attachment that snaps onto the bottom of Xbox One controllers. It allows users to easily chat with friends during multiplayer gaming sessions, and includes a mini-analog nub for quick menu navigation as well as a “.com” shortcut to make input more convenient. Players who prefer to communicate out loud won’t need to compromise their play style, as both Xbox One headsets and other headsets using the Xbox One adapter will work while the Type Pad is plugged in. It is also powered by the controller itself and does not require batteries to work. The Type Pad for Xbox One will ship in late 2015 for an MSRP of $29.99 – $34.99.

Modular Charge Station for PlayStation 4 with USB pass-through

The Modular Charge Station for PS4 is a completely wireless drop-and-go controller charging dock that affixes to the top of the console, using the console’s native USB ports to simultaneously charge two DUALSHOCK® 4 controllers. To make the charging process even more unobtrusive, Nyko has updated the design of this best-selling accessory with two USB pass-through ports, allowing users to leverage the Charge Station’s effortless charging without losing access to their console’s USB port, all for the original price of $19.99.  The new Modular Charge Station for PS4 with USB pass-through is set to ship in late 2015.

Cygnus for Android

Cygnus is an ergonomic, intuitive game controller compatible with set-top boxes and mobile devices operating on Android. This ergonomic controller runs on any store-bought AA batteries. Cygnus is anticipated to launch in 2015 for an MSRP of $24.99. Patent Pending.

Nyko will also be showing the previously-announced Data Bank for PlayStation 4, a 3.5’’ hard drive enclosure that replaces the PS4’s internal drive, and the Type Pad for PlayStation 4, a Bluetooth keyboard to streamline console-to-console communications for PlayStation players.  All these items can be found at Booth #5010 during E3 Expo Hall hours.

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