September 01, 2010

Nyko’s Wand+™ Now Available

No Dongles Needed with New All-in-One Wii™ Controller

Los Angeles

Nyko Technologies®, the leading videogame peripherals manufacturer, today announced that its Wand+™ for the Wii™ is now available at major retailers across North America, including GameStop, and K-mart, and online at The Wand+ is a wireless controller for the Wii that features Full Motion Technology™ support, Trans-Port Technology™, a sleek custom design and exceptional Bluetooth® communication.

Designed to be the most advanced and user-friendly controller on the market for the Wii, Nyko’s Wand+ includes built-in Full Motion Technology providing 1:1 movement tracking compatible with all Wii Motion Plus™ games. Wii gamers can simply pick up the Wand+ and play, with no need for additional dongles or attachments.

The Wand+ also boasts Nyko’s Trans-Port Technology, which allows key action buttons to be digitally replicated on other devices and pass sound and vibration signals through specially designed accessories and attachments for the ultimate gameplay experience. The Wand+’s custom design features enlarged and highly responsive buttons that enable more accurate and comfortable gameplay. Ergonomically designed for left- and right-handed use, the Wand+ features Nyko’s unique Soft Feel Surface that ensures a better hold of the remote. With Bluetooth® technology, wireless play is available up to 20 feet away from the console.

“When developing the Wand+, we wanted to create an all-in-one remote that offered versatility and convenience,” said Chris Arbogast, director of marketing for Nyko Technologies. “The technology used to create this controller will help our customers eliminate extra accessories and clutter from their entertainment centers while still providing a quality gameplay experience."

The Wand+ is available in black, gray and white, for an MSRP of $39.99.

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