October 31, 2011

Say Goodbye to Hand Cramps and Dead Batteries with Nyko’s Power Grip for Nintendo 3DS

In Stores Today, Peripheral Offers Extended Battery Life and Ergonomic Grip

Los Angeles

Leading gaming peripherals manufacturer Nyko Technologies® today released the Power Grip for the Nintendo® 3DS handheld system, a battery add-on with ergonomic grip that offers triple the normal battery life. The Power Grip does not require players to remove the existing battery and provides an ergonomic grip for added comfort and stability. With so many great 3DS games arriving this holiday season, gamers can play longer and more comfortably with the Power Grip, available today in stores and online for an MSRP of $29.99.

“Comfort is a necessity in hand-held gaming,” said Chris Arbogast, Director of Marketing at Nyko, “We designed the Power Grip to be the perfect ergonomic solution for long road trips, cross-country flights and marathon gaming sessions with the Nintendo 3DS.”

The Power Grip works in conjunction with the existing 3DS battery, providing up to 3x the play time. Extended battery life is complemented by the ergonomic finger grooves of the Power Grip, allowing the user to play in comfort for as long as the extended battery lasts. The Power Grip easily clips on to the back of the 3DS without the need to remove the internal battery or back cover. Installation is a breeze, and once you’re done playing, the Power Grip easily recharges through the standard 3DS AC adaptor.

Nyko Power Grip for 3DS features:
• 3x Battery Life: High capacity rechargeable battery provides up to 3x the playtime than the stock 3DS battery
• Easy Installation: Attaches to the back of the 3DS system, no tools or modification required
• Comfort: Ergonomically designed for hours of comfortable use, especially for adult players
• Charge: Recharges easily through the stock 3DS power adaptor

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