February 18, 2009

Nyko Technologies® Announces New Wand Packs - Action Pak and Core Pak

New Wii Controller and Accessories to be Offered Together in Two Value Packs

Los Angeles

Nyko Technologies®, the premier videogame accessories manufacturer, today announced two new accessories that will be available for its new Wand™ controller, expected to ship this April. Designed to work with the Wand’s patented Trans-Port™ technology, the new attachments include a Wired Kama with Rumble and the Pistol Grip gun that digitally replicates the A and B input commands. Both products are expected to be available in value packs following the Wand’s release in the second quarter of 2009.

Wand Action Pak

The Wand Action Pak is perfect for shooting games, including one Wand controller and one Pistol Grip attachment. The Pistol Grip attachment is the first gun peripheral for the Wii with digital button relocation. Existing gun peripherals that attach to the Wii Remote™ use a mechanical activation system that is prone to breakdown from prolonged use, experiences a slight delay in response time and has software compatibility issues.

The Wand’s Trans-Port technology enables the Pistol Grip to activate the A and B commands digitally, as if depressing the buttons directly on the Wand itself. A small switch on the bottom of the Pistol Grip allows the A and B button functions to be easily flipped between the controller’s two buttons, the trigger and the hammer, depending on the game and convenience of button access. A port has also been included on the bottom of the Pistol Grip to allow for the connection of additional accessories, such as the Kama controller. The Wand Action Pak will be available in June for a MSRP of $49.99 .

Wand Core Pak

The Wand Core Pak is the ideal starter set for any Wii gamer and includes one Wand controller and one Wired Kama with Rumble. The Wired Kama with Rumble is the latest version of Nyko’s Kama controller for Wii, the first and only model to incorporate full vibration feedback support for an immersive gameplay experience. The Wired Kama with Rumble connects to the Wand via a 4-foot cord and utilizes Nyko’s exclusive Trans-Port technology to enable vibration with all titles that utilize remote vibration. The new controller will feature the same design and form factor of the Wireless Kama for a comfortable fit and extra grip. The Wand Core Pak will be available in June for a MSRP of $49.99.

The Wand is designed for maximum compatibility with Wii software and accessories and will be available individually in April for an MSRP of $34.99.

”The Wand opens up a myriad of new features and accessories for us to improve how consumers experience games on Wii,” states Chris Arbogast, Director of Marketing, Nyko Technologies. “Recognized as Best of CES 2009 in the Gaming category, the Wand will ship as a stand alone unit and in both the Action Pak and Core Pak so users can customize their gaming experience. We’re pleased to announce these two new Wand-compatible accessories and look forward to introducing innovative new ways of utilizing Trans-Port technology in the future.”

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