February 22, 2007


New Products Offer Convenience and Safety Options 

Los Angeles

Nyko Technologies®, a premier peripherals manufacturer, today announced that they will release the Classic Controller Grip and Click Grip for the Wii this Spring.

Nyko’s Classic Controller Grip brings comfort and convenience to the Wii Classic Controller by adding specialized grips with a Wii remote dock and cord-management system. Together, these features make it easy to use the classic controller and Wii-Remote simultaneously. Using an easy snap-on assembly, the Classic Controller Grip attaches to the Wii Classic Controller, giving it a more form-fitting and ergonomic feel, while the underside of the product features a clear plastic docking fin where a Wii remote can be attached for easy menu navigation. The Classic Controller Grip also features a useful cord management system, allowing the Wii Classic Controller cable to be organized in a safe and convenient way. Nyko’s Classic Controller Grip will be available at retailers nationwide this April for a suggested retail price of $14.99.

Nyko’s Click Grip is a substitute for the standard Nintendo Wii remote battery cover, replacing it with a rubberized cover with textured grip. This new material gives gamers a secure hold on the Wii remote, ensuring that the controller stays in their hands, keeping gaming sessions safe and more comfortable. For gamers looking for personalization options, the Click Grip also comes in three colors, blue, pink and gray. The Click Grip will come in packs of two and be available this March from retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $5.99.

The Click Grip and the Classic Controller Grip are compatible with one another, giving gamers the ultimate in comfort, convenience and safety no matter if they are playing the newest Wii titles, or experiencing a classic all over again.

“The Classic Controller Grip and Click Grip represent our commitment to giving consumers access to cutting-edge products that enhance their gaming experiences,” said Chris Arbogast, Marketing Manager at Nyko. “Whether you’re looking for a way to keep a better handle on the Wii-Remote or an easier way to manage your Classic Controller and Wii-Remote simultaneously, Nyko has the solution for you.”

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