June 12, 2007


New Products Fit Form of Xbox 360 Elite, Provide Same Proven Performance with New Features

Los Angeles

Nyko Technologies(R), a premier peripherals manufacturer, today announced that they have shipped new versions of the Intercooler EX and Charge Station specifically designed for the Xbox 360 Elite.

Nyko's Intercooler EX, the latest version of the company's incredibly popular cooling system for the Xbox 360, improves upon the original by adding a variety of new, user demanded features, including support for the wireless adapter. In addition to providing a superior cooling solution that improves air circulation away from the Xbox 360, the Intercooler EX also features a new locking mechanism that ensures an easy, secure installation. To match the Xbox 360 Elite's color scheme, the Intercooler EX comes in a black matte finish. The Intercooler EX is now available at select retailers and Nyko's online store for $19.99. A white version of the Intercooler EX is also available that matches the original Xbox 360 color scheme.

For gamers looking to provide their new Elite controllers with a renewable power source, Nyko's Charge Station 360 is also being released in a black color scheme. Included are two rechargeable NiMH battery packs, as well as a convenient dual-port charger that operates off any standard AC current, providing a faster charge then USB. With each battery providing up to 25 hours of gameplay time, dead batteries and interrupted gaming sessions are a thing of the past. The Charge Station 360's black matte finish ensures color uniformity when used with the Elite controller. The Charge Station 360 is now available at select retailers and Nyko's online store for $29.99.

"Nyko is a company dedicated to delivering what our customers want whether it is augmenting our existing products or providing new solutions that enhance their overall gaming experience," said Chris Arbogast, marketing manager at Nyko Technologies. "The Intercooler EX and Charge Station 360 compliment the Xbox 360 Elite and deliver new features that fans of the originals have been asking for."

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