July 10, 2007


New Products For Wii, 360, PS3, and DS Lite Headed To Retail This Fall

Los Angeles

Nyko Technologies®, a premier peripherals manufacturer, today announced their product lineup for the 2007 E3 Media and Business Summit in Santa Monica, California. The lineup includes new products for the Wii, PlayStation 3, and DS lite, including a new version of the popular Intercooler for the Wii, as well as all-new products such as the Zero for PS3 and Party Station for Wii. All products are currently slated to ship to retail in Fall of 2007.
The Intercooler for Wii is the next installment in Nyko’s popular line of console cooling solutions. The unit attaches easily to the back of the Wii, ensuring a perfect fit and cooler ambient temperature levels, thanks to a built-in fan that increases airflow circulation out from the unit’s main ventilation slot. For added convenience, the Intercooler also powers on and off with the console itself, as well as features a white finish that matches the original color scheme of the Wii.

For the ultimate in Wii party experiences, Nyko’s introduces The Party Station. Combining multiplayer conveniences with food and drink storage; the Party Station is one of the most unique Wii products, but also one of the most useful. Multiple LCD scoreboards allows gamers to keep track of multiplayer face-offs, while the Party Station’s built-in fan keeps hands cool during the most heated of tournaments. When it’s time to eat, the Party Station’s built-in snack and dip bowls keep the food coming, while drinks stay upright in four cup holders, including four supplied freezable cup sleeves to keep them chilled. Storage is also made simple with four slots to hold Wii remotes and a drawer to store accessories like SD cards and manuals. The Party Station is designed to maximize the social gaming experience unique to the Wii.

The Power Adapter for Wii provides gamers with a simple solution for powering their Wii console. The Power Adapter plugs into any standard wall outlet, and also features a built-in LED to indicate when the unit is connected to AC power as well as a visual modeling that compliments the Wii console.
All three new Nyko products for the Wii will ship in the Fall of 2007.

For the ultimate solution in PS3 gaming, the Zero Wireless Controller is the final word in wireless and convenient controller options. Continuing the popularity of Nyko’s Zero controller line, the PS3 Zero features a unique metal polymer hybrid design putting the most advanced controller into the hands of PS3 gamers. Able to provide up to 25 hours of continuous play with the included removable and rechargeable NiMH battery, the Zero also features a revolutionary wireless chipset that provides a reliable and accurate range of up to 30 feet as well as backlit LED buttons and precision analog sticks, buttons, and triggers for maximum durability. The controller is also equipped with a precise accelerometer that detects six different directions of motion for the most accurate game play experience. The Zero Wireless Controller is available in three distinct color schemes to match the tastes of any gamer.

DS Lite gamers needing a convenient carrying and charging solution for their portable handheld need look no further than Nyko’s Ultimate Kit Lite. The bundle comes in multiple color designs, and each includes a stylish, protective carrying case, matching car charger and DS styli. A supplied carabineer allows the carrying case to be attached to a backpack or belt, while convenient pockets on the case allow for the storage of up to 8 DS game cards.
The Zero Wireless Controller, and Ultimate Kit Lite will ship to retailers in August of 2007.

“At this year’s E3 Media and Business Summit Nyko will unveil a number of new and exciting products, each developed to provide gamers with the most advanced gaming solutions available,” said Herschel Naghi, CEO of Nyko Technologies. “From the Party Station and its unique social-focused features to the Zero and its wireless technology, Nyko’s E3 lineup promises to be our most exciting yet.”

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