April 17, 2006


Nyko Equips Gamers with Complete Toolset to Produce Personalized 360 Faceplates from Home Instantly; No Online Ordering, Waiting or Hassle

Los Angeles

Nyko’s highly anticipated GameFace 360™, a fully-customizable faceplate accessory for the Xbox 360®, is now available at major retailers nationwide. The GameFace 360 is a unique accessory that promotes creativity and individuality by giving users a fun and easy way to create faceplate skins at home.

Nyko’s GameFace 360 is a sturdy, sleek faceplate and skin kit that comes with six pre-printed designs, 15 blank templates and a two piece snap-together clear faceplate which houses the skins. Xbox 360 fans can download Nyko’s easy-to-use GameFace software at www.nyko.com to create personal designs they can print out on their home printer. Creative gamers can upload pictures, photos, drawings or their own artistic masterpieces into the program, print the design, and simply clip their customized faceplate onto the Xbox 360. GameFace owners can also trade and share their designs with friends. The GameFace 360 software gives users all the options they need at their fingertips; it allows for easy custom faceplate creation at home, with no online ordering or mailing required.
“Microsoft designed a product with a removable faceplate; Nyko is answering the gamers’ call to fully exploit the fun option of personalizing the 360,” said Susan Corben Cox, vice president of marketing, Nyko Technologies. “At Nyko, we listen to the gamers, and design products to enhance their gaming lifestyle.”

The GameFace 360 features:
• Two-piece, snap-together stylized base plate and clear front plate, 15 blank templates and six pre-printed designs
• Endless options to personalize the Xbox 360 with favorite game characters, bands, photos, drawings or designs High quality construction, designed for easy installation and removal
• Software downloadable at www.nyko.com -- requirements: PC or Mac computer, internet connection and home printer. Create and print custom designs with easy-to-use GameFace software
Nyko’s GameFace 360 is now available at GameStop, EB Games, Game Crazy and Circuit City (MSRP $19.99). Check www.nyko.com for a complete list of retailers.

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