May 03, 2006


Nyko’s Flagship Peripheral, Available Now, Brings the Small Screen to the Big Screen

Los Angeles

Nyko Technologies, a peripherals manufacturer dedicated to enhancing the digital lifestyle, is now shipping the highly-anticipated Play on TV Adapter™ for the Sony® PSP™ to retailers. The Plug-and-Play accessory features patented technology and gives PSP enthusiasts the long-awaited ability to view their favorite UMD movies and video games on their home television screen. Gamers can now acquire the new and trend-setting Play on TV Adaptor from major outlets nationwide.

Nyko’s Play on TV Adapter turns Sony’s popular handheld device into a home media and entertainment center. The Play on TV Adaptor lets gamers watch UMD movies and play games on the television screen by connecting with the provided RCA cables. The accessory features a high-quality sensor and lens combination tuned to the PSP screen, eliminating the need for adjustments. The unit also includes audio output directly from the PSP to the television so users can enjoy their content in stereo-sound. The plug-and-play aspect allows for quick installment, while the lightweight, snap-on design makes the product simple to use and easy to transport.

“Our fans told us they wanted to experience PSP games and UMD movies on their TV’s, expanding the uses of their content.” said Susan Corben, vice president of marketing, Nyko Technologies. “One step ahead at Nyko, we anticipated this request and solved the problem by developing the Play on TV Adapter.”
The Play on TV Adaptor for PSP features:
• Snap-on design makes device completely plug-and-play
• Lightweight, compact design allows for easy transport
• UMD games and movies play on the television screen with provided RCA cables, without a need to adjust PSP settings
• Patented technology accurately reproduces image on the PSP screen and transmits it to the TV monitor
• Stereo audio output directly from the PSP to the television allows movies and games to play in surround-sound
Nyko’s Play on TV Adaptor is currently available at GameStop for $79.99. For a complete list of retailers, please visit

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