October 24, 2006


New Battery and Charging Options for Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers Ensure Extended Play Time for Gamers

Los Angeles

Nyko Technologies has shipped the Charge Station™ 360 and the Power Kit™ 360 both for use with Xbox 360 wireless controllers. Each product provides a different solution for the gamer that needs additional power for extended, uninterrupted play time. Xbox 360 fans can find Nyko’s new charging solutions at retailers nationwide.

Nyko’s Charge Station 360 consists of a dual-port battery charging cradle and two rechargeable battery packs. The batteries can be simultaneously charged in the cradle, allowing 360 users to switch out a drained wireless controller battery when needed. The Charge Station 360 plugs directly to a power outlet with no USB port required. Also, each battery pack provides players with up to 25 hours of additional playtime for each controller; both packs can be completely charged in four hours. The design of the Charge Station 360 complements the look and feel of the Xbox 360.

Nyko’s Power Kit 360 consists of a high quality NiMH rechargeable battery pack and a charging cable for simultaneous charging while playing. Users can plug the battery pack into the Xbox 360’s USB port using the charging cable and play wirelessly once the battery has sufficient power. Additionally, the battery pack boasts up to 25 hours of play per charge, while the charging cable is longer than competing products.

“There is nothing more annoying that having your controller die in the middle of an important game – the Charge Station 360 and Power Kit 360 gives gamers easy and affordable ways to last through continuous hours of gameplay”, said Chris Arbogast, Marketing Manager, Nyko Technologies.
The Charge Station 360 Features:
• Includes charger cradle and two Xbox 360 wireless controller battery packs
• Charge both battery packs simultaneously – each pack provides up to 25 hours of power
• Fully charges one battery pack in two hours, two battery packs in four hours
• Dual color charge indicates charging status
• CE approved for safety and quality assurance
• Plugs directly into a standard AC wall outlet

The Power Kit 360 Features:

• Play and charge the wireless controller simultaneously by attaching the extra long charging cable
• High quality NiMH rechargeable battery pack
• Up to 25 hours of play per battery pack charge
• Included charge cable is longer than competing products
• Battery gauge accessible through Xbox Dashboard

Nyko’s Charge Station 360 retails for $29.99 and the Power Kit 360 retails for $14.99. Both products are currently available at major retailers nationwide; visit www.nyko.com for a complete list of retailers.

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