April 01, 2016

Introducing the EgoBooster1337 Controller!

Nyko Debuts EgoBooster1337 Controller, Neutralizes Gamer Toxicity

For decades, countless filthy casuals were plagued by taunts and jeers from “hardcore” gamers more skilled or dedicated than themselves. At last, we’ve found a solution that is far easier and far more time-efficient than spending countless hours honing combo cancels or tweaking actions per minute: the EgoBooster1337 Controller from Nyko. The EgoBooster1337 Controller provides the feel of being a real gamer, without the need for tiresome practice, innate skill or even a basic understanding of a game’s mechanics.


The EgoBooster1337 Features:

Accessibility - Simple to use, and as easy as swiping candy on your phone.

Compliment Button - Dedicated compliment button provides personal affirmation on demand. Hear words of encouragement like:

“Nice analog stick movement!”

“You sure have strong thumbs!”

“You do more with one button than most do with 4!”

And many more!

Crowd Cheer Button – Feel the adrenaline rush experienced by the pros with the excitement of thousands of fans cheering on your slick moves and perfect no scopes.

Random Achievement Generator – Have an achievement randomly generated based on what actions are being performed. Ex “Congratulations, you said the word “pants” 6 times in chat! Arbitrary Noun Achievement Unlocked: reward yourself with ice cream”.

Front-Facing Selfie Camera – Who’s the most attractive gamer? You are! The EgoBooster’s built-in selfie camera can be set to automatically take pictures at standard intervals, or capture live video to showcase on the Trophy Frame display. Just adjust the capture settings by hitting the “Lines” button and once you have a good shot, tap the “Squares” button to blast it out to all social media channels.


Trophy Frame LCD Home Button - Built-in customizable LCD screen with picture frame mount. Accent your home button display with interchangeable trophy faceplates to showcase your own self-aggrandizement with a personalized photo, or even better, live video feed of yourself mean mugging for the camera. Give yourself an award, you’ve earned it! Custom trophy plates include:

“#1 Gamer”

“Headshot Master”

“Noob Toobin 4 Life”

Blank “Dry-Erase” version that can be personalized.

Built-in Speaker - Integrated speaker provides crisp audio for compliments as well as in-game chat audio.

Toxicity Filter - Patented technology screens out the bad comments to make sure that you only hear the good ones – you know, what they really meant to say, like, if they knew you only missed that shot because you weren’t really trying. Nyko’s complex tone algorithm can identify hostile statements and replace them with several pre-recorded ones.

EgoBooster1337 hears “You just got dunked on bruuhhhh!” and translates it into the more accurate “I am a try-hard who wastes a lot more time on this game than you.”

On-the-fly vocabulary screening also allows you to select from dozens of preset words to make sure you never hear profanity or slurs again.

-Scroll through and program your own custom filters from dozens of choices, from “puppies” to “unicorns”

-No need to slog through those angry strangers’ cusses – “Yo, I just UNICORNed you in the KITTENs!!” will feel a lot less hurtful.

Win Button – When all else fails and frustration gets the better of you, just hit the giant “Win” button on the face of the controller. The EgoBooster1337 Controller will rage quit for you and display a custom awards screen declaring you the winner due to a network outage. I mean, that’s what would have happened anyway if it wasn’t for those other cheating KITTENs.


Can’t wait for the EgoBooster1337? Then head on over to the Nyko store and reward yourself with existing Nyko gear right now, you’ve earned it!

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