Modular Charge Station™ for use with Xbox One

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An easier way to dock and charge 2 Xbox One® wireless controllers, the Modular Charge Station™ features two custom NiMH rechargeable battery packs for easy drop and charge functionality. The Modular Charge Station is powered by one of the USB ports on the rear of the console, leaving all other ports open for use. The Modular Charge Station attaches to the top of the console, saving space and adapting to the Xbox One console's decor.

  • Two rechargeable NiMH batteries and battery covers are included for easy drop and charge functionality
  • Compatible with Microsoft®'s wireless controllers for Xbox One
  • Charges two Xbox One Wireless Controllers at the same time
  • Compatible with the Xbox One Elite Controller*

*For further assistance with Elite controller compatible battery covers, please contact customer support here.


Please Note: Modular Charge Station is not compatible with Xbox One® S or Xbox One® X


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


  • Dual Controller ChargerHas the ability to charge two Xbox One wireless controllers simultaneously
  • Includes 2 Battery Packs2 rechargeable battery packs provide up to 25 hours of play time
  • Unique Modular DesignAttaches to the top of the console and sticks with the sleek design of the Xbox One Console
  • Easy Drop and Charge FunctionalitySimply drop the controller onto the base to recharge. No cords needed

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Modular Charge Station™ for use with Xbox One Support FAQ

  1. 1. Can I charge the batteries from the Power Kit or Power Kit Plus in the Modular Charge Station?

    No, the batteries for the Power Kit products do not contain the same contacts that are present on the batteries used in the Modular Charge Station.

  2. 2. How do I know my batteries are charging?

    While the batteries are charging, there will be a white LED that illuminates corresponding to the battery port the controller is placed on.

  3. 3. How will I know when my batteries are fully charged?

    When the batteries are fully charged, the white LED indicator will turn off.

  4. 4. Can you plug the Modular Charge Station into a USB hub instead of the Xbox One console?

    No, to properly charge the controllers from the Modular Charge Station must be plugged in to the Xbox One™ console.

  5. 5. Can I use the Modular Charge Station and the Data Bank at the same time?

    No, you are not able to use the Data Bank and Modular Charge Station at the same time as they occupy the same space on top of the console.

  6. 6. Is the Modular Charge Station compatible with Xbox One S?

    No, Modular Charge Station is not compatible with Xbox One S.