VR Guardian

Product Overview


Available Spring 2017


Create your own barrier of safety while immersed in the world of VR. VR Guardian is a complete VR boundary system that alerts you before bumping into your surroundings. Build your own barrier by placing four position sensors to create a safe play area while using a VR headset. The four Bluetooth® sensors form a grid that sends an alert to the adjustable wristband when the user defined boundary is approached. The four sensors and wristband stack together to recharge simultaneously while not in use providing an easy storage option.

  • VR Safety System - Create your own boundary
  • Includes 4 Bluetooth® sensors and an adjustable wristband
  • Positional sensors allows the boundary to be set by the user
  • Alerts sent to the wristband once the user defined boundary is approached
  • Convenient storage and recharging by stacking the four sensors together
  • Helps prevent unwanted personal injury or property damage while using VR
  • Compatible with any VR headset/device


  • VR Safety SystemComplete VR boundary system alerts you before bumping into your surroundings
  • Build Your Own BoundaryIncludes 4 positional sensors and an adjustable alert wristband
  • Stay In The GameThe 4 Bluetooth sensors form a grid that sends alerts to the wristband when you approach the user defined boundary
  • Easy Charge And StorageSensors stack together and recharge simultaneously while not in use – perfect for easy storage

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