Core Controller for PlayStation®3

Product Overview

Race, jump, shoot, run and more while feeling every bump and shot with the Core Controller for PlayStation®3. The Core Controller features fully analog face buttons and joysticks, giving your game 200+ degrees of sensitivity for accurate and responsive gameplay. The dual vibration motors will shake and rattle with the action giving you full immersive feedback with your games. With its 9 foot USB cable, the Core Controller provides lag free response time, meaning you’ll never miss an enemy again; and with its trigger styled shoulder buttons, your finger will easily stay put with every pedal to the metal moment in your favorite action or racing games. The Core Controller is the ideal hardware for those who want the most accurate controller, response and ergonomics for their PlayStation®3 at the most affordable price possible.

  • Compatible with most PlayStation®3 games (SIXAXIS required games not supported)
  • Ergonomic design with improved trigger buttons
  • 9 foot cord with Velcro tie
  • Built-In vibration feedback
  • Fully analog sticks, triggers and face buttons


  • RumbleFull rumble support provides force feedback to feel every action
  • USB Powered9 foot USB cable provides lag-free response time and requires no batteries
  • Ergonomic DesignComfortable contours and the familiar parallel analog stick layout provide comfort and precision
  • Trigger ButtonsTrigger-like shoulder buttons keep fingers from sliding off during intense driving and action games

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Core Controller for PlayStation®3 Support FAQ

  1. 1. Can I use the Core Controller on my PC?

    The Core Controller was designed to work with the PlayStation®3 console and will not work on the PC or Mac.

  2. 2. When I press a button on the controller and then release it, the input continues to happen. How do I resolve this issue?

    Please contact customer support for further assistance. Customer support can be contacted here.

  3. 3. Can I use the Core Controller on the PlayStation®4?

    No, the Core Controller is designed to work on the PlayStation®3 console.