Power Base for Mobile

Product Overview

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Wirelessly recharge any Qi compatible device without having to deal with cables or cords. The Power Base from Nyko is a wireless, induction charger compatible with Galaxy S®4, 6, 6 Edge, 7, Nexus™ 5, and other Qi compatible phones. The Power Base includes a charge card for use with Samsung Galaxy S®4. Get rid of charging cables and cords, and switch to easy, wireless charging.

  • Does not require cables or cords to or from your device
  • Simply drop your device and charge immediately
  • Supports most phones with built-in Qi charging technology like the Nexus™ 5
  • Includes Qi compatible energy card for Galaxy S®4
  • Unique wedge design makes it easier to use the phone while it is docked and charging


  • Wireless ChargingUses Qi induction charging technology to wirelessly recharge devices without needing to plug in an AC adaptor
  • Qi CompatibleSupports most devices that have built-in Qi technology
  • Charge Card - Galaxy S®4Includes a charge card for use with the Samsung Galaxy S®4
  • Viewing AngleUnique wedge design allows for easy use while charging. Ideal for watching video content.

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Power Base for Mobile Support FAQ

  1. 1. Can I use the Power Base to charge an iPhone®?

    No, the Charge Base will only be able to charge Qi compatible Android™ products.