Air Glow™ Wired Controller for PlayStation®4

Product Overview


Race, jump, shoot, run and more all while feeling cool and refreshed with the Air Glow for PlayStation®4.

The Air Glow™ Controller is a transparent, full sized wired controller that provides a more ergonomic feel. 

With its 10-foot USB cable, the Air Glow™ Controller provides lag free response time and plenty of room to sit back and enjoy your favorite PS4 games while feeling the breeze.

A touchpad button allows the Air Glow™ Controller to utilize the PS4™ touchpad feature.

The dual-motor rumble has 2 interchangeable settings and provides feedback in real time.

The Air Glow™ Controller is the ideal hardware for those who want a comfortable controller with accurate inputs and an ergonomic design for their PS4™.

  • Built-in fan cools hands during gameplay
  • Wired USB connectivity
  • Multi-color LED feature
  • Clear construction casing

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