Game Boost for 3DS™

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Quickly and conveniently add 1 to 2 hours of additional play time to your Nintendo® 3DS™ with Nyko's Game Boost. The Game Boost is the perfect attachment for when you need to extend your battery life in those most crucial of gaming moments. Whether it’s the last lap of a big race, the final boss, or the championship game, the Game Boost is ready to provide that extra kick of power when you need it most. Featuring a compact rechargeable battery pack, the unit attaches to the back of the 3DS™ system to work in tandem with the stock battery. The Game Boost recharges through the 3DS™ power adaptor that comes with the system. While attached, all buttons, sliders and other operations are fully accessible and the Game Boost for Nintendo® 3DS™ is thin enough to not hamper your grip or comfort.

  • Conveniently add over 1 – 2 hours of game play to you 3DS™
  • Easily clips on to the 3DS, no installation required
  • Allows access to all ports, switches and buttons
  • Micro design adds limited weight and depth to the system
  • Charges using the stock 3DS™ power adaptor


NOTE: Only works with original 3DS™. Not compatible with 3DS™ XL or "New" 3DS™ models


  • Emergency PowerAdds 1 to 2 hours of additional battery life
  • RechargeableUses the stock 3DS AC power adaptor to recharge
  • ThinUltra thin design doesn’t impede grip or ergonomics and makes it ultra portable
  • Clip OnEasy clip on design requires no tools or complex installation

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Game Boost for 3DS™ Support FAQ

  1. 1. Do I need a special adapter to charge the Game Boost?

    No, you can charge the Game Boost by using the 3DS™ power adaptor.