Extend Link for Xbox 360®

Product Overview


Make installing the Kinect® Sensor in any home theater a breeze with the Extend Link from Nyko. The Extend Link is a 15 foot extension cord for the Kinect® Sensor and is ideal for users with wall mounted TVs, projectors or any set up that has the console at an extended distance from the TV. The flat cable design of the Extend Link is tangle free and makes installation as easy as possible. The LED Link indicator glows to let you know a solid connection is established between the Extend Link and the Kinect®.

  • Extra-long 15 foot cable ideal for custom installations
  • Soft flat cable for tangle free installation
  • CE certified quality cable
  • LED Link indicator
  • Longest extension cable available for the Kinect® without sacrificing performance


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, please click HERE


  • Flat DesignFlat cable design is tangle free and ideal for any home installation set up
  • LED IndicatorIndicator light glows when a link is established so you always know you’re connected
  • Extra Long CordAt 15 feet long, the Extend Link is the longest extension cable available
  • CertifiedThe Extend Link is a CE certified cable

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Extend Link for Xbox 360® Support FAQ

  1. 1. Can I use the Extended Link with other Xbox 360® accessories?

    No, the Extended Link can only be used with Kinect® for Xbox 360®.