Power Grip (2000 Series) for PS Vita

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This item is DISCONTINUED.

Get a new hold on PlayStation® Vita Slim with Nyko’s Power Grip. The Power Grip provides more play time for PS Vita Slim games and provides a better, more familiar and ergonomic grip to ease strain on hands; perfect for extended Remote Play gaming sessions via the PlayStation®4. The grip features a sleek design for easy storage, a matching black finish to compliment the PS Vita Slim, and a lightweight design that makes it ideal for travel. The Power Grip is great for longer, more comfortable gameplay sessions for any PS Vita Slim owner.

Please Note: The Power Grip for PS Vita Slim (2000 Series) is not compatible with the orginal model of the PS Vita.

  • Play up to 2 times longer with twice the battery capacity
  • Easily clips on to the PS Vita, no complex installation required
  • Works in conjunction with the PS Vita battery
  • Ergonomic design for improved control and comfort during extended gameplay sessions
  • Charges through a standard Micro-USB port


  • 2x Battery CapacityRechargeable battery pack provides up to twice the playtime of the PS Vita alone
  • Ergonomic GripsController like grips make long game play sessions more comfortable.
  • USB PoweredCharges in tandem with the PS Vita's battery using any standard Micro-USB cable
  • Locking MechanismEasily snaps onto the PS Vita and locks into place

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Power Grip (2000 Series) for PS Vita Support FAQ

  1. 1. Will I be able to use the rear touch pad while using the Power Grip?

    Yes, the Power Grip does not cover up the rear touch pad.

  2. 2. Are you able to adjust the hand grips on the Power Grip?

    No, the handle grips are lock in place and non-adjustable.

  3. 3. Will the Power Grip fit the 1000 series PlayStation® Vita?

    No, the Power Grip will not fit the 1000 series and is designed for the 2000 series.