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Bring the console experience to your Android™ based tablet with the PlayPad Pro from Nyko. The PlayPad Pro is a full sized wireless Bluetooth® controller designed to work with a multitude of today’s top Android™ titles. Featuring dual analog sticks, d-pad, 4 face buttons, and left/right dual shoulder/trigger buttons, the PlayPad Pro has all the necessary tools to tackle any game. Designed in conjunction with NVIDIA®, the PlayPad Pro is compatible with numerous high-end mobile games optimized for Android's HID controller protocol. The PlayPad pro works with Nyko’s free Android™ app, called Playground, to provide backwards compatibility for the PlayPad Pro with legacy tablet titles, including those that currently utilize keyboard mapping and mouse support. Playground provides profile management for customized control schemes, as well as pre-set profiles for top selling and popular games. The PlayPad Pro works with any Android™ 3.0 device or higher with Bluetooth®.



MHL is perfect for mobile gaming since we bring all of your favorite games to the big screen without any lag. Add a Bluetooth® game controller for the ultimate, untethered gaming experience, all while the TV charges the smartphone.


Download our Wired Update Utility to update your PlayPad Firmware through your PC or Mac. Please see our resource section below to download the Update Utility.


Learn more abour the Playpad line of controllers and Nyko Playground at

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Playpad Pro for Android™ Support FAQ

  1. 1. What is the PlayPad line of controllers?

    The PlayPad line of controllers are wireless Bluetooth® game controllers designed to give you precise, console like control of your favorite Android™ based games.

  2. 2. What tablets and phones does the PlayPad work with?

    The PlayPad line of controllers works with most Android™ devices running 3.0 or higher with Bluetooth® support.

  3. 3. What games can I play with the PlayPad?

    The PlayPad utilizes different modes to allow you to play hundreds of Android™ games. Gamepad mode allows for compatibility with games that support the standard HID protocol developed in conjunction with NVidia® and Google®. Mouse mode allows for compatibility with simple touch games.

  4. 4. What is HID?

    In reference to PlayPad, HID refers to the gamepad protocol inherently supported in Android™ devices running 3.0 and higher. Nyko’s use of the HID protocol was developed in conjunction with NVidia® to allow for built-in support for controllers in today’s top Android™ games.

  5. 5. Can I use Playground with any Bluetooth® controller?

    No. Playground is developed for use exclusively with Nyko PlayPad devices.

  6. 6. Where can I download Nyko’s Playground App?

    You can download Nyko’s Playground App on the Google Play Store through your device or on their website HERE.

  7. 7. How much does Playground cost?

    Playground is a free download on the Google Play Store.

  8. 8. Do I have to root my device to use the PlayPad or Playground?

    No. The PlayPad and Playground do not require any rooting of Android™ or modification of the device to work.

  9. 9. Is Playground required to use my PlayPad on my device?

    No. Playground is a companion app designed to further enhance the functionality of the PlayPad. The PlayPad can be used in GamePad, HID, Mouse and iCade mode without the use of the Playground software.

  10. 10. My phone/tablet runs a Samsung/HTC/Asus etc. skinned version of Android, will the PlayPad still work?

    Yes. The PlayPad will work on “skinned” versions of Android™ as long as they are running Android 3.0 or higher, have Bluetooth® and have access to the Google Play Store.

  11. 11. How do I recharge the PlayPad Pro?

    The PlayPad Pro comes with a USB to Micro-USB cable and can be recharged from any powered USB port. In addition to the included cable, any standard Micro-USB cable can also be used to recharge the PlayPad Pro.

  12. 12. What’s the difference between the PlayPad and PlayPad Pro?

    The PlayPad is a smaller, travel ready controller that comes with a stand and specialized hard carry case. The PlayPad Pro is a full sized console style controller. The PlayPad Pro features 2 analog sticks, while the PlayPad features 2 analog sliders. Functionality wise, they will both work identically to one another.

  13. 13. Can I use the PlayPad on the Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3 or other gaming consoles?

    No. The PlayPad will not work with other gaming consoles and will only work on most Android™ devices.

  14. 14. Will the PlayPad work on PC or Mac?

    The PlayPad is recognized as either a GamePad or a Mouse in either GamePad or Mouse mode on PC or Mac. Please note that the PlayPad has been designed and tested for use on Android™ devices, and compatibility with PC or Mac is not supported nor guaranteed by Nyko Technologies.

  15. 15. Does the PlayPad work with my iPhone or iPad?

    Yes, the PlayPad line of controllers can sync with your iOS device in iCade™ mode and be used to play any iCade compatible game. (iCade is a registered trademark of Thing Geek Inc).

  16. 16. What is iCade?

    iCade is a control input standard for iOS games developed by Ion® and ThinkGeek™ and used by a variety of iOS input devices. (Ion is a registered trademark of inMusic Brands Inc. ThinkGeek is a trademark of Geeknet inc.)

  17. 17. What games can I play with iCade Mode?

    A full list of iCade compatible games can be found here.

  18. 18. My PlayPad blinks continuously. How do I stop it?

    Press and release the reset button located towards the top on the back of the PlayPad.  You may need a paperclip or a small needle in order to press the reset button.

  19. 19. One of the buttons stopped working. What do I do?

    Contact customer support at so they may provide an appropriate solution for the PlayPad.

  20. 20. The PlayPad has been charging and there is still no power.

    Allow the PlayPad to charge for at least one hour before using it. Be sure that you press and hold the Home button on your PlayPad for several seconds until you see the lights illuminate on your PlayPad. If you have tried all of the aforementioned steps and your PlayPad still does not turn on, please contact customer support. Customer support can be contacted at

  21. 21. My Joystick is mimicking my D-pad controls.

    Update your PlayPad to the latest firmware update in order for full functionality between joystick and analogue controls. Please view the question regarding updating your PlayPad for more info.

  22. 22. How to update my PlayPad using Andriod™.

    Be sure that your PlayPad is set on HID mode and the switch on the back of the PlayPad controller is set on the controller icon.  After your PlayPad is paired, open Nyko Playground.  Go to your Advanced Settings. Select Firmware Update. Follow the onscreen instructions after the update has installed onto the PlayPad.


    *You will need to utilize an Android device operating from 3.0 to 4.1.2. Any other devices will not be able to update the PlayPad properly. If you are unable to utilize an appropriate Android™ device, please follow the next FAQ.

  23. 23. How to update Firmware with PC and Mac (without using Android™).

    Please click here, and download the updater application.


    -After you unzip the file, you will need to follow these steps to use the updater app:

    -Plug your PlayPad into the PC or Mac with your USB cable.

    -While simultaneously holding down UP on the D-pad and the A button, press the reset pinhole button on the back of the controller (you will need to use a thin instrument like a paperclip.) This will put the PlayPad into update mode and the lights will cycle on the PlayPad, once the lights are moving you are ready.

    -Open the updater application and click the select firmware button.

    -Select the Nyko PlayPad bin file for either your PlayPad or PlayPad Pro.

    -Select update firmware to update.

    -Once the firmware update completes successfully, simply unplug the controller from your PC or Mac and pair it with your device.

    -If you have any problems with updating your firmware, please contact Customer Support. Customer support can be contact at