Charge Dock Mini for Nintendo® Wii U™

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Store and charge 2 rechargeable NiMH battery packs designed for the Wii Remote™. The Charge Dock Mini has a small and compact design that allows you to save space and makes it easily portable. Each unit includes 2 rechargeable battery packs for use in a Wii Remote™ on either the Nintendo® Wii™ or Wii U™ consoles. Powered by a USB port, there is no need to take up an AC outlet in order to charge your batteries.

  • Includes 2 rechargeable batteries for Wii Remotes
  • LED indicators illustrate the charge status of battery packs
  • Hot swap-able - easily switch out a dead battery for a fresh one during a play session with minimal down time
  • Eliminates the need for expensive and wasteful disposable batteries


  • 2 Rechargeable Battery PacksIncludes 2 rechargeable battery packs designed for use in a Wii Remote™
  • Sleek DesignSmall and compact design saves space
  • USB PoweredDoesn't take up valuable wall outlets while still giving a full charge

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Charge Dock Mini for Nintendo® Wii U™ Support FAQ

  1. 1. Can I use the batteries from the Battery Kit in the Charge Dock Mini?

    No, the batteries in the Battery Kit have different charging contacts and are not compatible with the Charge Dock Mini.

  2. 2. Does the Charge Dock Mini stop charging the batteries after they have reached a full charge?

    Yes, once the batteries have reached a full charge, they will automatically stop charging.