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Shield Dock

Charging and HDMI Dock for NVidia Shield


product overview

The SHIELD TV Dock is currently out of stock and will be available for sale again in early June

Turn your NVIDIA SHIELD into the ultimate Android-powered home console with the SHIELD Dock from Nyko Technologies. The SHIELD Dock allows you to easily hook up your SHIELD to your home theater system, allowing you to watch videos, stream music, or mirror gameplay on your big screen TV. Utilizing Nyko’s patented dongle technology, you’ll never have to mess with cables again, just attach the unobtrusive, custom dongle to your SHIELD unit, and place it in the dock to charge the device and output video to your TV. Pair your SHIELD with Nyko’s PlayPad line of controllers, and enjoy console quality gaming with ease from the SHIELD from the comfort of your sofa.



AC Powered
Use the existing SHIELD AC adaptor to quickly charge your device while docked
Offers full 1080P resolution for gaming, and 4K resolution for video
Patented Technology
Nyko’s dongle system is exclusive to the Shield Dock
Unobtrusive Design
The included dongle does not interfere with the ergonomics and blends in with the SHIELD unit
  • Outputs movies, TV shows and online video to your TV screen in up to 4k Ultra HD resolution
  • Mirrors gameplay onto your big screen TV
  • Charges the internal batteries of the Shield unit while docked
  • Patented dongle system allows for easy drop and charge design, no messy cables or ports
  • Use with a Nyko PlayPad controllers and play your games using Console Mode
  • Works with existing Shield AC Adaptor