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Charge Base IC Product Support

SKU # 87048

Why are there are no lights at the bottom of my Wii Remote when I insert my charged battery?
Sometimes the metal prong on the top of the battery is bent down too far and does not make proper contact once inside the controller. Please try bending that metal prong up and away from the battery to give it some of its spring back.

Once you’ve bent the prong up a bit, reinsert the battery into the controller and try syncing it. If you get lights on the front of the controller, it is properly receiving power.
Why won’t my black Wii Remote charge in the Charge Base IC?
The indicator light that changes from green to blue to show the charging status is operated by an infrared light that shines from the base to the battery. If the pigment of the silicone sleeve is too dark, the light cannot shine through and will not activate the indicator light to change colors.

The batteries placed in the Charge Base with black silicone sleeves WILL charge as normal through the induction charging technology, but the indicator light will not turn to blue to indicate.

To see the indicator light change its status, simply remove the silicone sleeve and reinsert the Wii Remote into the Charge Base IC. However, it is not necessary to remove the sleeve for charging to occur.

Can I use any rechargeable batteries with the Charge Base IC?
No. Only the Nyko battery packs that come with the Charge Base IC are compatible.
Can I leave my Wii Remotes in the charging dock after they are done charging?
Yes, all of Nyko’s chargers feature smart charge technology which will automatically stop the charging process once the rechargeable battery is at full power. This way, the charging dock can also act as a storage unit for your controllers as well as a charging center.